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Settling disputes with railroads requires special experience and expertise. We have done it. Getting title insurance coverage has been something we pride ourselves in doing. We have done significant work on the main and branch lines of the Northern Pacific/BNSF. We've handled freight disputes with success.
Call us about your business problems or planning for railroad issues if they include:

Leasing-Main Line and Short Line

Easement Issues

Title Issues and Adverse Possession

Right of Way Disputes and Agreements

Ownership Disputes

Use Disputes

Abandonment and Rails to Trails

Zoning and Land Use

When should you contact an attorney?

A railroad law attorney is your best resource when fighting a legal battle. Carlson Hinton Law has years of experience practicing railroad injury law, and our team will help you fight for rightful compensation.

You should call our firm if...

  • You lost a loved one in a train accident.
  • You got hurt while working on the railroad.
  • You were injured as a train passenger.

Whether you're filing for workers' compensation under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA) or suing for the wrongful death of a loved one, our railroad injury law firm will stand by your side during litigation.

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